Corporate Education

corporate educationIn corporate education we address the end user of business systems. VXL Technologies is committed to provide the most effective, high-quality education to you and your users in implemented SAP system, so that the trainees receive the maximum benefit. Our training ensures that your training investment produces the results you expect. Trainers are sourced from the industry to meet specific requirement of the client, they are necessarily highly qualified and having good domain as well as SAP experience and capable of meeting learners expectations. We can deliver courses to any level within the organization - such as senior managers, key users, end users, support personnel and project teams or any combination of the same. We provide trainings in the following areas:


  • Managed Corporate Education strategies for raising the competency of end users.

  • Successful projects in the development and delivery of training material for end user.

  • End User Training for new and existing software systems, business processes and roles within the business.


The purpose of this phase is to introduce and train end users on the new system; it's scope and functionality. The client, in this case, will undertake his or her own end-user training (train the trainers), with minimal assistance from VXLT. In this instance more detailed training on the delivered system will be necessary to the train the trainers (TTT) personnel. It is important that the scope of the training to be undertaken is identified at an early stage of the implementation to provide the maximum window for any preparatory tasks such as production of training material.


The training agenda and associated materials will have been established during the Project Initiation, Parameter Definition and Construction phases. Each training session is typically run on a formal basis with exercises and examples that will be familiar to the users day to day working practice. Again the approach will have been agreed during the Project Initiation and Parameter Definition phases. Custom End User Training, Whether you've availed VXLT to speed your time to revenue, reduce the time to product development, or comply with regulatory requirements, the key to a successful implementation is user adoption. So if you are thinking about the hardware and software, but leaving the "people ware" to chance, there's a risk you won't realize the expected return on your investment. VXLT is dedicated to helping you ensure a successful user adoption.


We offer a blended learning approach for customized training on your specific application. Our approach helps your business users expand their knowledge and take productivity to the next level. Whether your team of users is small or thousands that are geographically dispersed, we can provide a complete learning solution built on your business applications and processes.