IT/ERP Staffing

Today more than ever, creating the highest degree of organization and efficiency within an SAP staffing effort are paramount. Effectiveness in the face of day-to-day challenges can be optimized by the utilization of Staffing Management services, such as those provided by VXLT. Under this approach, VXLT on- or off-site team of staffing professionals ‘ becomes the primary point of contact for all of your organization's SAP staffing needs. Proven client-driven processes for recruiting, testing, interviewing, administration, and supervision of contract personnel are applied and managed by us. 


ERP staffingBy bringing an SAP staffing department to your site and assuming the responsibility of managing your supplemental staffing program, we can facilitate a partner-quality relationship that allows your organization to focus on its real business and maximize its resources. Because many technology-driven businesses are short on resources to recruit and manage skilled professionals, the value of Managed Staffing solutions - including improved productivity and lower costs - are being realized and turned into a competitive edge. We understand the need to find the professionals that will bring long-term benefits to an organization in today's market. We at VXLT feel that the future of an organization is dependent on it's greatest asset... it's people. We also understand the costs associated with having a vacant position that a manager needs to fill.


VXLT's candidates are thoroughly screened through a detailed interview process that qualifies and quantifies skill sets, academic achievements and career aspirations. We assess your organization's industry, corporate culture and the skill sets that you require and match them with the most appropriate candidates registered with our firm. We are proactive and commit our full resources in searching for the desired individual that will bring long-term benefits to your organization. Again we believe that a “Value Proposition” must be realized We at VXLT believe our “Value Proposition” for Permanent Staffing Solutions is what separates us from the rest!


  • A 3-month guarantee on the candidate, with full replacement during that time frame at no additional cost to you

  • Affordable service fee as per industry standards.

  • A 3-month refund period. If you are not happy with the candidate within the first 3 months we will refund the entire service fee

  • Focus on finding the exact fit from both a hard skills (technical) and soft skills perspective.

  • A dynamic interactive recruitment web site that allows our clients access to our database, salary survey information and ability to customize interview processes to meet the needs of you, the client.

  • We make use of a number of critical statistical guidelines and milestones to measure how we are doing on your behalf. We at VXLT are not generalists, we are a technical recruitment and staffing firm specialized in the IT field in the areas of contract staffing and permanent placement services. Our consultants are experts in their respective areas, which allow them to understand and meet your needs immediately.