Management & Work

Management Team

managemnt teamVXL Technologies was incorporated and started by dynamic IT Professionals. The aim was to provide various Services/Consultancies related to the IT Industry, especially in SAP Sector. As on today VXL Technologies has got a team of skilled professionals working towards enhancement and growth of the organization. The professionals are highly qualified and dynamic individuals from respective business processes. 



ERP overviewImprove alignment of your strategies and operations. Enhance productivity and insight for your enterprise, Streamline business processes. That's the power you get with enterprise resource planning (ERP) software from SAP – the power to adapt quickly to changing industry requirements. SAP ERP addresses the core business software requirements of the most demanding midsize and large organizations – in all industries and sectors. Efficient collaboration and access to information can help your workforce become more proactive and enhance productivity. The enterprise resource planning solution from VXLT and SAP can give you more control over your assets, and business processes such as financial supply chain management and profitability assessments of employees, departments and customers.


VXLT's Differentiators :

Vxl DifferentiatorsVXLT's focus on ERP solutions puts it in a unique position to provide solutions for clients requiring focused services. Being dynamic and focused it has complete flexibility in its business processes and can easily adopt and restructure itself as per customer's specific requirement.


Quality Assurance and Standards :

qualityVXLT is committed to providing quality services to all its customers. The company has well defined processes in all the business areas. Especially for SAP related services, the company has developed an exhaustive list of documents that are required to be maintained during system development life cycle. VXL Technologies also provides one of the best working environments for its software professionals. Our dedicated quality professionals are responsible for implementation of quality procedures and standards. A comprehensive set of management reports also help in keeping a close watch on project execution.


Social Responsibility :

Social ResponsibilityVXLT endorses and urges all global citizens to do their bit in protecting the planet earth. We believe in 'green' and we abide by the social environment and follow what we preach in order to give back to the society. We ensure this responsibility in every country we operate. We also participate in charities, give donations of cash and kind, do civic service on a periodic basis and support many homeless children, poor and the aged and specially challenged. We pledge to add value to the social environment by understanding and doing the needful in the best way we can.